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Bees for sale

British Bees - 6 Frame 14 x 12 Nucleus Colonies 2022 Queens


We have a limited number of Nucleus Colonies  for sale are headed by a 2022 UK Mated British Queen.  These bees are calm, gentle and a pleasure to handle.

Our queens are from Buckfast strains and open mated.  We rely on local UK drones for open mating. 

Collection only by prior appointment from SE21 Herne Hill, London


Nucleus colonies are £250 each (collection). £50 deposit non refundable deposit is payable to reserve your nucleus colony. Deposits are non-refundable. We will email you 1 week in advance to agree a collection date and request payment of the outstanding balance. 

What's Included?

When you purchase a nucleus, you will receive the following:

6 x 14x 12 frames of bees (min 3 frames of brood in all stages - BIAS)

1 x 2022 open mated queen - marked yellow (can be clipped if required)

Nuc Box

Bees are in a 14x12 nuc box.  We ask that these are returned once the bees have been hived and a £50 deposit is taken and refunded once returned.

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