Hives for you

The Good Bee Company will install and manage a minimum of two bee colonies at the chosen location, subject to site review and risk assessment. The Bees will be sourced from our own apiary stock or from a trusted supplier conscious to bee health, bio-security and local sensitives.


Our service includes

  • Onsite apiary, incl.: Beehives & Management

  • Bee Colonies

  • Bespoke branded beehives

  • Up to 36 maintenance visits per annum.

  • Feed & Medical treatment where required.

  • Honey (extracted, jarred and labelled) from your own hives.

Why two hives?


There are several advantages to keeping more than one colony; In all circumstances we will provide management services for a minimum of two hives per Apiary location.
Beehives and their colonies will never behave identically and can be affected by external risks to the colony (both abiotic and biotic factors) that can be assessed, compared and mitigated by having a comparative parallel colony in situ.

The comparative value of keeping two hives reduces the risk of colony failure and loss, ensures that hives can be observed and maintained and weak hives can be supplemented with feed or brood stock.


Staff & stakeholder management


The Good Bee Company provides a comprehensive programme of engagement, workshops and experiences centered around 'bees,  biodiversity and sustainability'.

Beekeeping can be an enthralling and enriching experience and a great team building activity.

Our beekeepers & educators provide a range of introductory sessions and activities that makes sustainability interesting and engaging, in single sessions or a seasonal programme of events.

Biodiversity at work


Our mission to protect and preserve Britain’s pollinators extends beyond humble honeybees. Everywhere we work, we aim to take positive action for all pollinating invertebrates and wildlife.

A major threat to our pollinators is the loss of habitat and a lack of diversity in available forage. Without doubt he greatest assistance we can provide to native and wild pollinators is providing homes, habitats and forage for our bees, butterflies and pollinating invertebrates.

In all partnerships, we encourage the development and implementation of a Pollinator planting initiative. A great activity to bring teams together to plant, propagate and enjoy a wild natural garden and make a impactful contribution back to local ecosystems.

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