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Installation and Maintainance

After our initial consultation and site survey we will supply a Honey Bee colony (or colonies) and Hive at cost from our stock.  We supply various hive types from Budget to top of the range and try and cater to individual budgets, but maintain bee health at all times.

Routine Hive Checks

Regular site visits will be conducted to ensure the colonies success.  Our Beekeepers will need to have access to the hives to assess the hives health and take any necessary action.  This may include Swarm management, disease management, feeding and mite level testing.  Visits will normally occur on a monthly basis but will vary depending on the hive condition and the time of year. 

All visits are made with prior agreement to suit you and the beekeeper.

Honey Harvest & Bottling

When the time comes and if the hive has surplus honey, we will extract, bottle and return the honey to you in 8oz jars ready for you to enjoy and share.

Please note if a hive does not have sufficient honey for the winter we will not extract any honey

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