We supply honey from our apiary in 8oz jars. We currently stock honey from Herne Hill SE24 Dulwich SE21 West Norwood SE27 and Brixton SW2.

Our honey is extracted from the comb using a centrifugal extractor and filtered to remove any residue wax. The honey is raw and unpasteurised.

8oz Jar of Honey £7.50 inc P&P


Wax wraps

Bees produce wax cappings when sealing honey in the honey comb for storage.  We use this to make our wax wraps.

Wax wraps are available in 40cm, 35cm, 30cm and 25cm in packs of 3. They are a great alternative to Cling film and can be reused for up to a year.

Pack of Wraps £12.00 inc P&P


Wedding favours

We can provide honey wedding favours in 4oz hexagon jars with gold lids. If you provide your tag designs we can print and attach them to the jars.

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